August 6th - Boris and Gleb Day

On August 6 Belarusians celebrate Saint Boris Day - the day of the patron of agriculture. About this day our ancestors said: "Boris and Gleb - ripe bread", "St. Boris carries sheaves".

Belarusians honored Boris and Gleb, because they believed that they help in harvesting and plowing the soil, and that they are the patrons of the peasants.

By this time the harvest was fully ripe - the August season began. In addition, it is time to pick bird cherry and prepare birch brooms for the bath.

This day was also called the day of thunderstorm polycops, that means "thunderstorms that set sheaves on fire." Therefore, on this day Belarusians avoided any kind of fieldwork: "Sheaves fell on Boris and Gleb Day: a thunderstorm burns sheaves (of those people who worked that day)." On this day Belarusians did not harvest grains, did not put grains into the barn, because they believed that it was possible to attract lightning to their houses and it could set the houses on fire. Also, Belarusians didn't cover their houses with the straw from the grain harvested that day, because the wind could take away the roof, and lightning could burn the house.

Fishermen also did not go fishing on this day. But the next day after Gleb and Boris Day they believed it would be a great catch.