A person in the history of Navahradak. Part 3. 280th anniversary of Tadeusz Rejtan

This year we celebrate the 280th anniversary of Tadeusz Rejtan - a true hero and patriot of his homeland.

The name of Tadeusz Rejtan, the famous son of the Navahradak region, is associated with gloomy events in the history of Belarus - the first partition of the Commonwealth. Rejtan, being a deputy from the Navahradak Voivodeship, together with his one-thinkers in 1773 disrupted the "partition" Sejmt of the Rzeczpospolita for four days and fought to the last for the independence of his country.

And it was so. It was 1772. On August 5, a convention on the division of the Rzeczpospolita was signed. To confirm the legitimacy of the partition, Stanislaw August Poniatowski convened a Sejm in Warsaw on April 19, 1773.

The Navahradak soymik took place on March 22, 1773, in the Castle Church. The ambassadors were selected to present the voivodship in the Diet in Warsaw: Tadeusz Rejtan and Samuel Korsak (a native of the village of Vaūkovičy). At the Sejm held on April 19, 1773, Tadeusz Rejtan and Samuel Korsak were the main defenders of the integrity of the Commonwealth and opponents of the partition of its territory. Until the very end, the deputies of Navahradak remained incorruptible and steadfast in their beliefs.

One ... two ... three deputies (that is the exact number of the deputies who did not leave the room where the Sejm met) could not change the course of events and save the once-powerful and the largest country in Europe. After these shameful events, Tadeusz Rejtan returned to his estate in Hrushauka and no longer took part in the political life of the country. There, in Hrušaūka, on August 8, 1780, at the age of 38, he finished his earthly journey stepped into eternity.

Tadeusz Rejtan is an example of patriotism and dedication. He was a symbol of moral uncompromising and an indomitable hero of his era and generation, his principles were respected both by opponents and one-thinkers. Subsequent generations followed his example and dedicated many works of art to him, including the works of Henryk Rzewuski, the well-known painting by Jan Matejko "Rejtan" (1864-1866), an essay by Julian Ursyn Nemtsevič "The Life of Tadeusz Rejtan" (1818). Adam Mickiewicz also glorified his compatriot in the poem "Pan Tadeusz".